About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate in Communication Theory and Research at Stanford University, expected to graduate in June 2024. I am also a Dissertation Fellow at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, a Graduate Fellow at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center, and a Graduate Affiliate at the University of North Carolina’s Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life. 

My research examines how ideologies, institutions, and technologies interact. My dissertation project, How Tech Went Right: The Rise of Reactionary Politics in Silicon Valley and Online, reveals a history of right-wing ideas – and specifically, anti-feminism and anti-multiculturalism – as a long-standing, highly influential force in the world of information technology. 

My other research interests include online celebrity, conspiracy theories, online harassment, and algorithmic cultures. I am committed to rigorous mixed-methods approaches, and I draw on the fields of sociology, history, cultural studies, and science and technology studies in my own work. My work has been published in academic journals including New Media & Society, Social Media + Society, and American Behavioral Scientist. I published the research report Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube, and co-authored the report Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online with Alice Marwick.

In 2022, I served as an expert witness on the topic of disinformation in the defamation lawsuit brought against Alex Jones by the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim.

I have an MSc in Social Science from the Oxford Internet Institute and a BA in Film Studies from Columbia University.